About Us

The PGVC (Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada) is an advocacy, social and support association for PGV (Persian Gulf Veterans) and their families. The PGVC also works to increase knowledge of Canada’s contributions in the Persian Gulf to the Canadian public.


To research and investigate on behalf of our members and their families the condition known as “Gulf War Syndrome” and bring awareness to the public and government about exposures we all faced.
To reach out to as many vets of this conflict and to assist in the challenges they face with daily living, be it dealing with the Government, VAC or problems of daily living.
Public awareness of what our group is about and what it stands for and to further educate the masses on what it is we did and the impacts on Canadians.
To make aware our plight through the use of media and other vessels of communication that have all but turned their backs on us or have simply forgotten that we existed, we were included in a major conflict and that the battles are still being fought from within by those veterans years later.
The Organization will ensure to be a voice that is heard amongst many groups. This organization will not be top heavy, the committee chosen will be fighting for the people in our organization to bring forward issues and endeavor to work until we are no longer “the forgotten ones”
The Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada is all about you and your family’s and we will strive to make this always our main focus. Volunteers will be needed and the wheels in the cogs of Government may slow us down but will not stop us.

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