Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada
Executive Committee 2020

President:  Harold Davis

Harold Davis was born on Bell Island Newfoundland, Harold joined the Canadian Air force in Jul 78 as an Air Weapon Tech. During is 31 years in the military Harold served across Canada from Greenwood to 443 Sqn Pat Bay in Victoria BC, along with on HMCS Athabaskan and HMCS Winnipeg. While serving on HMCS Athabaskan in 1990 was deployed to the Persian Gulf which lead to the Persian Gulf War, Harold was the Air Weapon tech for the CH124 Sea King Helicopter. Harold retired in 2009 and moved to Vancouver Island with his wife Lynn of 33 years. In 2016 Harold formed Persian Gulf Veterans of Canada and is serving as the President.

Vice President:  Michael McGlennon

Michael McGlennon was born in Ottawa and grew up everywhere as a military brat. Michael joined the Canadian Armed Forces in Aug 1980 as a Fin Clk. During his 24 years and 8 mths of service, Michael had postings at CFSU(O) (81-86), RSS Pacific Milarea in Vancouver (86-89), CFB Petawawa (89-93), SHAPE Casteau Belgium (93-96), CFB Petawawa (96-03), and lastly CF H Svcs Gp HQ Ottawa (03-05).

Deployments history: Persian Gulf Oct 90 – Apr 91 90 Cdn HQ & Sigs Bahrain, UNDOF Golan Hts – Dec 92-Jun 93, SFOR Bosnia Sept -Dec 94, IFOR Bosnia Dec 95 – Apr 96, IFOR Bosnia Jan -Jul 98.

Michael was medically released in Apr 05 and is still currently employed at DND as a civilian Business Support Manager with Directorate Health Services Delivery at CF H Svcs Gp HQ Ottawa since that date.

Secretary:  Rick Austin

Rick Austin was born in Arichat, Nova Scotia, son of Gerald Blake Austin RCN Korea War Veteran.
Rick joined her Majesty’s Canadian Navy in November 1976, Rick served on HMCS Iroquois, HMCS Algonquin, and HMCS Athabaskan in August 1990 Persian Gulf, which lead to to the Gulf War in which he was the “tail gunner”; operating and maintaining the CIWS Phalanx Anti-Missile System. Upon returning from the Gulf War, Rick was posted to the Fleet School as an instructor for CIWS for 4 years. Rick Austin retired from the Royal Canadian Navy in November 1996 after twenty years’ service. He worked for a Motorola Company in London, Ontario after his navy career, prior to returning to college in 2007 to pursue an Environmental Technology Degree, which he achieved in 2011. He is a member of several Veterans’ Organizations: RCNA London Ontario, CAVUNP Courtland Ontario, NATO Veterans Canada, Persian Gulf Veterans Canada. He also enjoys being part of THE MEMORY PROJECT.He has two sons, Christopher and Michael, aged 35 and 33 respectively. He currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada ; where he is a Weather Radar Technologist for Environment Canada.

Treasurer:  Gerald Doutre

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Gerald Doutre enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Naval Electronic Sensor Operator on 12 November 1987. His first Royal Canadian Navy ship was HMCS ATHABASKAN where he served until 1992. A Gulf War Veteran on ATHABASKAN, he participated with other coalition forces in the liberation of the country of Kuwait from Iraqi forces, which to this day remains the highlight of his career. From 1992 to 1996 Chief Petty Officer Doutre served in HMCS IROQUOIS, as command ship for Standing Naval Force Atlantic he served during Operation Sharp Guard in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia during the Bosnian War.

As an Above Water Warfare Director, this time in HMCS ATHABASKAN, fulfilled a career goal to become a member of a small but special group of “long range shooters”. After his promotion to Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class in 2009, he spent the next three postings ashore, all within the Above Water Warfare Battlespace, first Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters as a Staff Officer for Electronic Warfare, then the Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare Centre in Halifax and finally at the Directorate of Naval Requirements in Ottawa as a Project Director for the Royal Canadian Navy where he was promoted to his current rank in August 2015. His time in Ottawa saw him fulfill the duties of the President of the Mess Committee for the National Warrant Officers & Sergeants Mess, following in the footsteps of his father.

In 2016 he was appointed Coxswain of HMCS HALIFAX. Following his tour as Coxswain, Chief Petty Officer Doutre was appointed the Division Chief Petty Officer of Director General of Maritime Equipment and Program Management in Ottawa. Chief Petty Officer Doutre assumed his current role in 2021 as the Assistant Deputy Minister – Materiel Group Chief Warrant Officer.

Kit Shop:  Richard Delve

Richard joined the Forces in Jan 86 as a Cook. During his 19 & 1/2 years in the military Richard served in Esquimalt, Lahr – Germany, Petawawa, Kingston and overseas in Qatar and Bosnia (twice). He was deployed to the Persian Gulf in Oct 1990 with CSU(Q) in Doha, Qatar and returned in March of 1991. Richard retired in 2005 and currently resides in Kingston, Ontario where he is actively involved in veteran’s services, and he pursues outdoor activities.